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Blue Matador's first two products, Lumberjack (centralized log management) and Watchdog (server monitoring), integrate together under a common Smart Agent, which installs in only 23 seconds, uses <2% system resources and helps to decrease mean time to resolution (MTTR).



AI-Powered Log Management

Lumberjack collects and aggregates log data from all your applications, databases, servers, and cloud infrastructures. The dashboards present valuable insights for debugging while the alerting pipeline notifies you in realtime of ongoing conditions. Lumberjack helps you respond to downtime up to 15 minutes faster than competitors.



Free System Vitals Monitor

Watchdog monitors system-level metrics for anomalies that lead to downtime. In under a minute, cover your systems against changes in CPU, load, memory, swap, network, disk, and more. Predictive alerts notify you of problems you didn’t know you had as well as problems you didn’t even know to look for. Watchdog increases your customers’ confidence in your application’s availability.

The Blue Matador Story

Blue Matador About

Blue Matador CEO, Matthew Barlocker and Early Adopter JANIIS CTO, Daniel Ranallo


Blue Matador was founded to predict and prevent errors. Its entire purpose is to help system administrators, DevOps people, and site reliability engineers do their job: stay invisible.

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By DevOps engineers. For DevOps engineers.

At Blue Matador, we’ve been doing DevOps for longer than DevOps was a thing (that was in 2009, if you didn’t know).

We know that consistently being under the gun to fix downtime isn’t fun. And fighting downtime fires shouldn’t be so awful. That’s why Blue Matador was born — to make your DevOps career a little more enjoyable and a lot more predictable.

Our CEO, Matthew, shares the following about his experience in DevOps:

I’ve spent a lot of time doing server administration, cloud infrastructure, and on-call rotations. Some of my best days were when nobody noticed me. It meant I could focus harder, get more work done, and most importantly, it meant I had done a good job.

On the other hand, I’ve had some bad days. The best indicator of a bad day is how many people — and which people — came to my desk. Just one support person wasn’t so bad. When the entire support team was at my desk telling me the site was down, or a group of sales managers told me all their demos were broken, or all the way up to CTO, CFO, CPO all telling me that all hell had broken loose, those were the worst days.

My job was to prevent all of that. My job was to be invisible. The best I could have hoped for was to be ignored because that meant the application was working as expected.

The problem with my job was that it was impossible. There are infinite ways in which our application can fail, and that infinite set changes with every release, configuration change, infrastructure hiccup, or natural disaster. What I needed was a program smart enough to predict when errors would happen so that I could fix it before customers, sales, or management noticed. I needed something that aggregated all my data streams and looked for errors in ways existing monitoring tools couldn’t.

Blue Matador was founded to predict and prevent errors. Its entire purpose is to help system administrators, DevOps people, and site reliability engineers do their job: stay invisible.

Our Company Culture

We work hard and we play hard.

We set a high bar early on in the company because it’s in our founders’ DNA to be great. Our talent is our greatest asset. So we like to automate and be as efficient as possible, and learn and adapt quickly.

And with that efficiency, we also like to play hard, and you can see us playing team board games at work or logging into our company Minecraft server after cranking on hard problems all day long.

Work for Blue Matador

Unlimited PTO? Full benefits? Keep your laptop? Who does that?

We do — because we believe in empowering our employees. After all, it’s them who makes us great.

We’re currently looking for more talented individuals to join us!

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