About Us

The secret to greatness is to surround yourself with great people.

The Blue Matador Experience

Check us out. We’re not that scary, but we’ll leave the judging up to you.

The DevOps Experts

We’ve been doing DevOps for a long time. We know that consistently being ‘under the gun’ to fix downtime isn’t always fun. That’s why Blue Matador was born, to make your DevOps life a little more enjoyable.

Our Culture

We work hard, we play hard – mostly work hard so you don’t have to. We set a high bar early on in the company because it’s in our founders’ DNA to be great. Our talent is our greatest asset. Why not be a company that walks the walk and not one with just lip service?

Work for Blue Matador

Unlimited PTO? Full benefits? Your own laptop? Who does that? We do because we believe in empowering our employees. After all, it’s them who makes us great.

We’re currently looking for more talented individuals to join us!

Matthew Barlocker
Founder & CEO
Matthew Barlocker

Matthew has experienced the pain of being on call with normal monitoring tools. Over the last ten years, downtime has interrupted his work, invaded his vacations, and assailed his slumber. He blames the single-point solutions that require stitching together monitoring tools. Hell-bent on discovering the cure, Matthew founded Blue Matador to fix the mess of Frankenstein installations that pervade DevOps. Oh yeah, plus he loves flying airplanes!

Mark Siebert
Founder & Chief Architect
Mark Siebert

Mark is a full stack engineer who cut his teeth on professional software development at Lucid Software where he specialized in building scalable backend systems. He's a huge fan of open source software and is one of the primary authors of Relate (database access library) and Cumulus (AWS infrastructure management). Mark loves watching shows with his wife, studying Chinese, and hunting Minecraft chickens.