Senior Backend Engineer

We’re looking for a full-time, permanent, W-2 backend engineer. As part of such a small team, you will fill a critical role in short-term and long-term development, product management, site stability, and everywhere else your skills are a fit.

We’re currently working on a bunch of DevOps projects and would be thrilled to have you help where your skills match the best.


Here’s a list of things where we would love for you to take ownership.

  • The Golang Base Agent and associated modules that sits on customer servers and sends log entries back to our log stream
  • The stream processor which takes in log entries and spits out actionable data
  • The public REST API
  • Accounting, Billing, and Forecasting
  • Site reliability with MySQL, Kafka, Storm, ElasticSearch, and AWS
  • Package management for OSX, Linux, and Windows
  • Shipping docker containers to enterprise customers
  • Services used for authentication, dashboards, static pages, log entries, agent manipulation, stream acceptor.
  • Build automation and continuous deployment
  • A new system monitoring product that we’ve got under wraps.


  • College degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Software Engineering
  • Golang
  • Scala
  • AWS
  • MySQL
  • High Availability
  • Architecture


  • Cash-based salary — working for stock alone is dumb
  • Stock options — working for cash alone is dumb, too
  • Unlimited PTO (who does that?)
  • 100% company-paid dental insurance
  • 100% company-paid vision insurance
  • 100% company-paid medical insurance (notice a pattern?)
  • Free laptop with the OS of your choice — keep it after 3 years
  • Company activities, retreats, and fun events outside of work
  • Weekly company lunches and unlimited snacks
  • Free Minecraft license and access to the private company Minecraft server
  • Have a major say in the direction of the company and product
  • Wear lots of hats - never be bored with your job
  • Learn new skills, stretch yourself in new ways
  • Work with some of the brightest people in tech

To apply, send your resume, LinkedIn profile, or personal website to our CEO at