Firefighter Automates Your Alerts and Protects Against Alert Fatigue

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With Firefighter on your team, resolve issues faster as you receive alerts at the right moment and on the right platform.

Firefighter will be available in a free 30-day beta.

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According to a Gartner Study published in 2014:

With Firefighter on your team, resolve issues faster as you receive alerts at the right moment and on the right platform.

Firefighter will be available in a free 30-day beta.

Operates Within the Same Ecosystem as Other Blue Matador Monitoring Products

Firefighter isn’t a separate login or dashboard you have to bookmark or fumble through during a downtime crisis. It’s integrated right into Blue Matador’s AI-powered DevOps monitoring platform, which means you get all the benefits of streamlined setup and simple billing.


Fight Fire with Finesse

The main problem with IT alert and incident management systems today is that they’re hard to set up. You have to connect it with all your other vendors’ tools. You’re required to set up everything from scratch. And you get false positives that make you question the usefulness of urgent IT alerts in the first place.

Firefighter simplifies your monitoring stack by integrating with Blue Matador’s other products so the alerts you have configured in Lumberjack and Watchdog transfer over to Firefighter smoothly.

Whether it’s your site reliability engineer that prefers alerts through text messages, your QA manager that lives by their email inbox, or your freelancing developer that only seems to respond in Slack, Firefighter meets you where you and your team work and look for alerts.

With Firefighter on your team, respond to critical alerts faster and reduce your notification spam.

Blue Matador Globe
As part of the Blue Matador platform, Firefighter shares our common smart agent, making it easy to enable or disable with one click in the web console
Blue Matador Alerts
Receive alerts on your terms and through your preferred channels, reducing notification spam and improving time to incident response orchestration
Blue Matador Dashboard
Alerts link directly to your data without having to juggle across multiple vendors or logins, reducing the complexity of your monitoring setup

Receive IT Alerts Where You Look for Them the Most

Firefighter works with Lumberjack, Watchdog, and third-party apps through a public API so you can focus on solving problems, not fighting them

DevOps personnel need time to work on development and operations tasks so your business can provide near 100% uptime to customers. Have Firefighter protect your team from incessant fires that cause workplace chaos. Get alerted through the communications channels you use and choose:

Blue Matador Mobile Push

Mobile push notifications

Blue Matador Android


Blue Matador iOS


SMS Text Message

SMS Text Message

Custom webhooks

Custom webhooks







And more

And more

Firefighter is coming soon

We’re busy building Firefighter. We’d love for you to help us test it out when it’s ready.

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Blue Matador

Part of the

Blue Matador

DevOps Monitoring Platform

Blue Matador is the first DevOps monitoring platform to combine all your monitoring tools under one place so you can focus on preventing downtime, not fighting fires.

And because Firefighter is part of our platform, it means it runs on the Blue Matador smart agent, a lightweight, auto-updating agent that installs in seconds on all your servers.

Fast. Minimal. Powerful.

No credit card required

Free to try

Install without hassle or approval

Faster MTTR

1 to 15 min

Decrease your mean time to resolution

Quick, unattended setup

23 sec install

Copy & paste, relax with a scriptable installation

Don't believe us? Install for free

Simple monitoring of

All systems

Works across all Linux and Windows server racks

Simplify your workflow

1 login

Avoid managing multiple dashboards

Common smart agent

1 agent

Reduce your server overhead

Firefighter from Blue Matador is COMING SOON!

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