Configure Lumberjack

Getting Started

Lumberjack is the AI-powered centralized log management tool that gives your team the insights needed to proactively prevent downtime. To configure Lumberjack, you’ll need lifecycle rules, log formats, and file watches. It may seem like a lot, but it’s pretty easy once you get started.

Lifecycle Rules

Some log files are useful for longer periods of time than others. Lifecycle rules let you keep those logs longer and discard others more quickly. Your account has a couple of default lifecycle rules that you can use, but let’s talk about how to create a custom one that meets your specific needs.

First, you’ll navigate to Lumberjack’s Sources page and click on the Lifecycle Rules tab. Then click Add Lifecycle Rule and fill out the form to create your custom rule.

To do so, you must enter two pieces of information: (1) How long to keep entries searchable, and (2) how long to archive them. Entries can be queried and used in dashboards for as long as they are searchable. Entries can also be archived for more affordable long-term storage and compliance. Once you click Submit, your custom lifecycle rule will be useable in watch definitions.

lifecycle rule gif

Log Formats

Lumberjack needs to be told how to read in your log files. Most of the time, you can just use one of the popular log formats that we’ve already created, but if you need something more custom, you’ll have to create a custom log format.

To do so, navigate to Lumberjack’s Sources page and then click on the Custom Log Formats tab. Click Add Watch and follow the instructions in the form to create the log format. Once you’ve submitted, your log format will be available to use in watch definitions.

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File Watches

File Watches tell agents what log files they should be watching. They also reference one of your lifecycle rules and a log format. To create a file watch, navigate to Lumberjack’s Sources page. The File Watch tab is the first tab that opens. Click Add Watch and follow the instructions on the form to configure the watch. Once you click Submit, agents will begin watching the log files when they check in.

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