Getting Started

Watchdog is the predictive system-level vitals monitor that sends you and your team Essential Alerts™, proactively notifying you of all the hardware issues you need to know about. Here are the settings you can configure with Watchdog:

Watchdog Overview

Watchdog should be enabled by default, but by navigating to Watchdog’s Overview page, you’ll be able to disable or enable the product for all your agents. This page also contains some helpful stats to help you know the general health of your system.

Watchdog Settings

On the Watchdog Settings page, you’ll be able to set the email address Watchdog sends emails to. By default, it’s set to the email of the person who signed up for Blue Matador, but we know that’s not always what you want, so you can change it here.

Muting Alerts

Sometimes your system is unhealthy for a long time. We’ve been there before, too. But just because your product manager is gonna alert you every 5 minutes while you fix it doesn’t mean Watchdog should. To mute an alert, navigate to Watchdog’s alert view and click the Mute button for the alert you’d like to silence. Enter how long you’d like to mute the alert for, and click Submit.

Muting Alerts

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