Cloud Pricing

Lumberjack Cloud pricing aligns our interests with that of our customers. The simple flat rates work for small businesses and large enterprises.

Simple. Flat. Powerful.

Our usage-based pricing is based on three components: ingest, archive, search. Our platform is fully featured, for all your users, regardless of the amount you spend with us. Just imagine... no paywalls, no limitations, and no upgrades.

$ 0.16 per GB

A one-time cost for data sent from your servers to the Lumberjack data stream.

$ 0.005 per GB/day

"Archived" data lives on-disk and is great for compliance or long-term storage.

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Every account has every feature

No Limitations

Every account has unlimited hosts (agents), users, API calls, ingest, search, archive, and dashboards.

Hot Search

Lumberjack has no concept of "cold search". Your log entries are in-memory and ready-to-go when you are.

99.9% SLA

From the agent to ingest to the console, Lumberjack is built to be highly available and never lose data.

Quality Support

Access our highly-trained, enterprise-quality support team any time you need help using Lumberjack.

Month to Month

Cancel anytime without any fees. Keeping accounts based on value is better than signing a contract.

No Hidden Fees

Lumberjack is priced based on the components listed above. Pay for what you use, and not a dollar more.

Durable Storage

Your log entries are stored in multiple data centers in geographically diverse places for high durability.

No Throttling

Spikes are the most interesting parts of monitoring. We don't throttle or drop your ingested data.

How many logs would a Lumberjack log, if a Lumberjack could log logs?

Estimate your monthly Lumberjack bill

Your estimated monthly bill is $ Show Breakdown

Ways to reduce your bill

We've designed some features around your need to be fiscally responsible. As you implement these cost-saving techniques, your bill will automatically decrease without the need to change a plan or contact a sales representative.

Optimize Captured Fields

Only the captured groups in a log format will be uploaded to the Lumberjack service. If you don't need a field, don't capture its contents. Shorter field names save space, too.

Adjust Retention

There is an optimal amount of search retention that differs from company to company. Search retention is a trade-off between usability and cost. Find your sweet spot and save some dough.

Archive Old Data

Some governmental regulations require storing logs for a long time. After they've lost usefulness, save money by archiving them to disk. We will take good care of them in archive.