Big Data Made Beautiful

Eliminate dashboard disparity. Lumberjack’s dashboards turn what were once disparate, complex log files into beautiful, useful visual data.

Fumbling through multiple monitoring tools to see the big picture hinders productivity and lengthens time to resolution.

Streamline your log management with persistent workspaces and amazing dashboards that make it fun to visualize your systems.

Lumberjack's aesthetic, dark UI is easy on your eyes and yet displays powerful insights into your servers' health

Enterprise-grade, cloud-based web app is accessible anywhere so you can focus on uptime

Mobile-friendly native apps are coming for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and other devices

Centralized Logging: The DevOps Story So Far


False Positives & False Sense of Security

You hear from your customer service team about site downtime and reactively scramble to fix the cascading issues and go late into the evening when you should be at home.

You lament the current state of your alert system — too many false positives, too many alerts at night, and too few people fixing the root causes.

Your CTO is breathing down your neck, promising to fire you this time if the problem is not fixed within 15 minutes.

You endlessly tweak the alerts, but it seems too many new bugs are introduced for you to get ahead of the curve.

Life as a site reliability engineer seems unreliable because you’re not in control, kind of like when you’re trying to identify a problem without the appropriate system permissions required to investigate it.

Lumberjack tells you what to search for so you don't have to


We believe the five 9s of availability isn't just attainable, but sustainable


Eliminated Downtime & Minimized Stress

Lumberjack mines your site logs through real-time data streams and uses AI to forecast the impending downtime.

You receive alerts about things you hadn’t even configured before, but that were problems nonetheless. You confidently fly through root cause analysis and resolve the errors, leaving work on time because you eliminated the problem before the support team was inundated with emails and tweets.

Your CTO trusts you to keep the site working, and the CEO recognizes that you’ve just averted multiple disasters.

Once home, you hang up your superhero duties, and don your superhero costume for ComicCon.

Lumberjack parses all log formats and turns your data into actionable key-value pairs

Gives you increased uptime — not just dashboards, widgets, and tools

Lumberjack Features

Centralized Log Management 2.0

Lumberjack is the most intelligent and intuitive log analysis tool thanks to its robust feature set that DevOps professionals require. With Lumberjack on your team, you'll find the root cause of downtime faster because of:

AI-powered predictive alerts for centralized log management

Automatic log discovery for easy setup and tuning

Instant alerts notify you of errors in your application up to 15 minutes faster than competitors

Beautiful dashboards to visualize your data

Instant search results

One-line install on Linux, or simple msi installer on Windows

Powerful, secure smart agent is auto-updating

Integrates with all your tools – Docker, Rackspace, AWS, and more

Lumberjack -  Centralized Log Management

Cut through all the cruft in your system and application logs quickly and resolve problems faster with Lumberjack, the AI-powered centralized log management tool that alerts you about things you didn’t even know to look for.

AI-POWERED: Predictive Alerts CENTRALIZED: Aggregates All Your Logs BEAUTIFUL: Dark-UI Web App

Prevent Downtime before It Strikes

With Lumberjack working by your side, experience increased availability among your servers and reduced mean time to resolution with predictive alerts you don’t even have to configure to enable.

Part of the

Blue Matador

DevOps Monitoring Platform

Blue Matador is the first DevOps monitoring platform to combine all your monitoring tools under one place so you can focus on preventing downtime, not fighting fires.

And because Lumberjack is part of our platform, it means it runs on the Blue Matador smart agent, a lightweight, auto-updating agent that installs in seconds on all your servers.

Fast. Minimal. Powerful.

No credit card required

Free to try

Install without hassle or approval

Faster MTTR

1 to 15 min

Decrease your mean time to resolution

Quick, unattended setup

23 sec install

Copy & paste, relax with a scriptable installation

Don't believe us? Install for free

Simple monitoring of

All systems

Works across all Linux and Windows server racks

Simplify your workflow

1 login

Avoid managing multiple dashboards

Common smart agent

1 agent

Reduce your server overhead

Logging software requires agents to collect log files whether they are advertised as “agentless” or not. Install the Blue Matador smart agent with a single command and see why we created our own agent, built on Google’s golang to ensure minimal CPU overhead (<2%), memory overhead (<20MB), and network overhead (90% gzip compression).