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Per host per month*


14-day free trial • No credit card required

* Billed annually, or $18 monthly. 20 hosts minimum.

All Subscriptions Include

  • Full-stack infrastructure monitoring
  • Self-regulating thresholds
  • Automated triage for notifications
  • Single source-of-truth dashboard
  • Machine Learning baseline detection
  • Advanced muting rules
  • Environment-based filtering
  • Dashboard mode for wall-mounted TVs
  • Multiple AWS accounts
  • Multiple Kubernetes clusters
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited issue detection
  • Email Support by real DevOps engineers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each virtual machine is a single host. Whether you run on Amazon EC2, Azure VM, Google Compute, or on-premise virtualization, one VM is one host.

If you are running serverless on Amazon Lambda, 10 functions count as a single host. If you have 503 functions, we count 51 hosts.

If you are running tasks on Amazon ECS, 10 tasks count as a single host. If you have 882 tasks, we count 89* hosts.

If you are running Kubernetes, 10 pods count as a single host. If you have 72 pods, we count 8* hosts.

If you are running physical servers, each physical server is a host.

* Where VMs and containers overlap, we deduplicate and only charge you a single time.

You can read our billing docs for more granular details on counting hosts.

We never throttle, and we never drop or truncate data. When you sign up for Blue Matador, you’re looking for reliability and monitoring coverage. You can autoscale for normal traffic patterns, scale up for a big event, or grow overtime without worrying about losing data or coverage.

When you pay for Blue Matador, your bill is locked in at the current number of hosts. You can expect the same amount to be billed every period that you do not substantially change the number of hosts. If your host count is drastically more than your billed amount, we will attempt to contact you to adjust the bill going forward.

If you have any additional questions about pricing, contact our sales team.

Some infrastructures will see actionable notifications immediately, and some will take up to a day. Statistically, 85% of all trials with at least 20 hosts will see a notification within 1 hour. The more integrations you add, the more data we have to sift through, and the more valuable findings we will produce.

Blue Matador is a smoke alarm—if there's not a fire, it doesn't beep. If you don't get any notifications within the first few hours, then congratulations!

No. However, we do respond very quickly to requests to make the platform better for all customers by adding new monitors and integrations. You’ll be surprised at how many unknowns we already catch.

Blue Matador does not currently support custom dashboards and graphs. Blue Matador is more of a smoke detector, automatically detecting anomalies and issues better than a human can.

Setting thresholds yourself is error-prone, costly, and lacks the complicated rules our machine learning provides. Our thresholds change every minute of the day based on specific resources, past utilization, known limitations, and expected patterns and cannot be modified. After relying on self-regulating thresholds, you won’t want to go back.

No. We are not incident management. We are not APM. We are not log management, application metrics, or a dashboarding utility.

Blue Matador is the first of its kind, an alert automation platform. Out of the box, we detect resources, track baselines, and generate notifications to help you proactively manage your infrastructure. Every other monitoring tool focuses on visualizations, we focus on actionable alerts.

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“Without Blue Matador, when my son was born I probably would have had to have my laptop there, my wife probably would have hated me.

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“People were literally afraid to deploy code…. Our speed to market has definitely improved because of Blue Matador.” 

Tony Santucci
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