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Choose your plan, provide Blue Matador with IAM credentials, and fully monitor your AWS environment instantly. It's that simple.


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For bootstrapped teams (or lone crusaders), get our full-featured product free for up to 5 hosts.


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For companies with growing teams and expanding infrastructures.

*Billed annually. $12 per host for month-to month.

Innovative engineering teams trust Blue Matador

“When I was building my production infrastructure, I just assumed I would also have to set up monitoring myself. Blue Matador allowed me to automate the monitoring setup.”

Aaron Wilmoth, DevOps engineer

“You save just an incredible amount of time because you don’t have to configure Blue Matador.”

Skyler Cain, software development mgr.

“If you want to monitor your AWS infrastructure, Blue Matador is the way to go. It’s so simple to get running; there’s not a huge time investment.”

Chris Kasten, AWS solutions architect

“If you're in production and you don't have a lot of time, Blue Matador is the tool you need to start with.”

Chad Coffman, enterprise architect

Frequently asked questions

A host is a single virtual machine, 10 Lambdas, 10 ECS tasks, 10 Step Function state machines, 10 Kinesis shards, or 10 Kubernetes pods.

If you are running serverless on Amazon Lambda, 10 functions count as a single host. If you have 40 functions, we count 4 hosts.

If you are running tasks on Amazon ECS, 10 tasks count as a single host. If you have 198 tasks, we count 20* hosts.

If you are running Kubernetes, 10 pods count as a single host. If you have 72 pods, we count 8* hosts.

If you are running physical servers, each physical server is a host.

* Where VMs and containers overlap, we deduplicate and only charge you a single time.

You can read our billing docs for more granular details on counting hosts.

If you’re on our free tier and you go over 5 hosts, we’ll reach out about billing at that time. You will not experience a loss of service.

If you are a Pro customer, your bill amount is set when you pay. If you exceed your host count by 10% for a month, your invoice will adjust to match your host count.

If you have any additional questions about pricing, chat with us.

Yes! You can monitor all your environments from the same Blue Matador account, even if that spans across multiple cloud integrations. Use Projects to organize resources by tag, resource name, or namespace.

We never throttle, and we do not drop or truncate data. When you sign up for Blue Matador, you’re looking for reliability and monitoring coverage. You can autoscale for normal traffic patterns, scale up for a big event, or grow over time without worrying about losing data or coverage.

If you’re on our free tier and you go over 5 hosts, one of our friendly sales staff will reach out to help you upgrade your account.

Nope! You only give us payment details if and when we’ve proven ourselves to be valuable.

Immediately in some cases, and up to a day in others. The more integrations you add, the more data we have to sift through, and the more valuable findings we will produce.

Blue Matador is like a smoke alarm—if there's not a fire, it doesn't beep. If you don't get any notifications within the first few hours, then congratulations!

Blue Matador features

World's fastest setup

World's fastest setup

Get valuable alerts without any of the brutal setup.

Extra eyes on production

Extra eyes on production

It’s like a trusted team member who doesn’t sleep.

Alerts you can act on

Alerts you can act on

Blue Matador alerts you about failures before they happen.

Get up and running in minutes.
Get instant insights.