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What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is the largest provider of cloud compute services in the world and was officially launched by Amazon in 2006. It is used by hundreds of thousands of companies and is the backbone for some of the largest IT infrastructures around. AWS’s operation is huge, it spans all over the globe. To provide the service Amazon has built massive datacenters that house all the compute resources needed to offer the on demand cloud service in a secure and reliable way. AWS also has a huge workforce of around 50,000 employees working on keeping all of the hardware in good shape, creating new offerings, and supporting the massive cloud operation. All of this effort has been completely worth it for Amazon as AWS brings in billions of dollars of revenue and is their primary profit driver. The biggest competitors to AWS are Google’s cloud offering called Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft’s Azure. AWS is actually made up of hundreds of different services from compute, storage, networking, email, DNS, security, VR, analytics, machine learning, internet of things and many more. AWS shows all of their services here. AWS users only need to leverage the services that fit their use case to have a fully operational cloud infrastructure.


Who uses AWS?

As the largest cloud provider in the world AWS has millions of customers. Everything from tiny companies, fast growing startups, to some of the biggest companies in the world use it. Its ability to scale, the many types of services it offers, and the flexibility it provides make it a great fit for any company in the cloud, small or big. AWS has a pretty extensive list of of over a thousand case studies from their customers.


How to learn AWS?

There are a lot of different resources to learn as much as you'd like about AWS.  You can explore become AWS certified and utilize their featured learning paths to develop the AWS skillsets you're interested in. They offer role-based paths, solution paths, and partner paths. We're also big believers in jumping in and learning AWS by doing. Fortunately, there is the AWS Free Tier offering which you can leverage to begin building and getting hands on AWS experience. Beyond that there are thousands of blog posts, YouTube videos, meetups, and more to learn AWS. Blue Matador is an automated monitoring solution for AWS cloud infrastructures. We are on a mission to help engineers deliver better products more easily and are also constantly creating new content centered around AWS to help people learn more about it.

We've organized our content into different sections to hopefully make it easier for people to find information more relevant to them. 

1. AWS EC2

2. AWS Serverless

3. AWS Database and Memory

4. Managing and Operating AWS

5. Running Kubernetes on AWS

6. Getting Started with AWS

7. AWS for Startups