Blue Matador’s mission is to make monitoring less manual

We help DevOps professionals save time, be more productive and rest easier by automating the alerting of your Cloud infrastructures. We’ve felt the pain of scaling and managing Cloud infrastructures and are building a platform that we would have wanted

Blue Matador’s mission is to make oncall suck less


With a combined experience of over 20 years, Blue Matador's management team combines ingenuity, creativity, and enterprise-level business experience.

Matthew Barlocker

Matthew Barlocker bm-linkedin

Mark Siebert

Mark Siebert bm-linkedin

Taylor Jones

Taylor Jones bm-linkedin

Corby Hoggan

Corby Hoggan bm-linkedin
Director of Sales

Keilan Jackson

Keilan Jackson bm-linkedin
Sr Software Engineer

Vince Stinson

Vince Stinson bm-linkedin
Sr UX Designer

Alex Schaaf

Alex Schaaf bm-linkedin
Software Engineer

Thomas Girgenti

Thomas Girgenti bm-linkedin
Software Engineer

Trenton Romph

Trenton Romph bm-linkedin
Director of Marketing

Abby Thurman

Abby Thurman bm-linkedin
Content Marketing

Caroline Alvarado

Caroline Alvarado bm-linkedin
Marketing Specialist

Mike Harper

Mike Harper bm-linkedin
Account Executive

Alan Rodriguez

Alan Rodriguez bm-linkedin
Inside Sales Rep

Amber Peterman

Amber Peterman bm-linkedin
Office Coordinator


Backed by powerful, seasoned partners, Blue Matador is ambitious on expanding and improving our software for DevOps professionals.


The Blue Matador board is comprised of experienced members and seasoned observers that help shape our strategy and ensure our success.

Matthew Barlocker

Matthew Barlocker bm-linkedin
Board Member 

Taylor Jones

Taylor Jones bm-linkedin
Board Member

Randall Lloyd

Randall Lloyd bm-linkedin
Board Member 

David Holthe

David Holthe bm-linkedin
Board Observer 

Yuval Neeman

Yuval Neeman bm-linkedin
Board Observer 

Zach Sivertson

Zach Sivertson bm-linkedin
Board Observer 

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