Know the critical issues in your cluster

With a new computing paradigm like container orchestration also comes unknowns around what metrics and events should be monitored. Our solution exhaustively monitors your Kubernetes clusters and alerts you to any pending issues or incidents before they bite you.

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Know the critical issues in your cluster
Move to Kubernetes worry-free

Move to Kubernetes worry-free

When you’re transitioning to Kubernetes, there is a lot to consider – how to deploy updates, whether to migrate your entire application, and how to organize your cluster resources – but leave the worry of monitoring to Blue Matador. We’ll automatically monitor your Kubernetes cluster so you can focus on a successful migration.

Focus on your application, not your monitoring

Setting up and maintaining monitoring for your Kubernetes cluster could take weeks and months, time that could be spent building features, fixing bugs, and hiring new talent. Get time back and rely on Blue Matador to autonomously monitor your cluster.

Focus on your application, not your monitoring
Kubernetes monitoring for any environment

Kubernetes monitoring for any environment

Regardless of your underlying infrastructure – AWS, Azure, GCP, bare metal – Blue Matador’s Kubernetes monitoring solution provides automated monitoring coverage for your cluster.

Kubernetes API Health
Health checks of Kubernetes API 

Kubernetes Component Statuses
Health status of essential Kubernetes components 

Kubernetes DaemonSet Unhealthy
Unhealthy number of DaemonSets 

Kubernetes Deployment Unhealthy
Monitoring for pod scheduling and life cycles 

Kubernetes Job Failed
Jobs running in cluster fail 

Kubernetes Node Conditions
Health of several key node metrics 

Kubernetes Node Pod Capacity
Approaching pod limit for each node 

Kubernetes Node Resources
Capacity tracking for CPU and memory allocated to each pod 

Kubernetes Failed Volume Mount
Failed start due to inability of pod to mount all volumes 

Kubernetes OOM Containers
Container out of memory 

Kubernetes Container Restarts
Restarting containers 

Kubernetes Pod Terminating
Pod stuck in terminating state 

Kubernetes Pod Pending
Pod could not be scheduled 

Kubernetes Waiting Containers
Pod stuck in pending state

Kubernetes Service Without Endpoints
Service has no defined endpoints