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AWS cloud monitoring.

Set up Blue Matador in about 5 minutes and start getting valuable insights about your AWS cloud infrastructure immediately. Super-fast setup, super-fast results.

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Blue Matador is different from other cloud monitoring tools.

World's fastest setup

World's fastest setup

With other solutions, you have to spend a huge amount of time telling it what you want to monitor. Blue Matador watches everything immediately upon setup.

No manual alarm creation

No manual alarm creation

Blue Matador is the most hands-free, easy to use, and instantly effective way to fully monitor your AWS environment.


Constant vigilance

If you scale up or launch more services, Blue Matador automatically detects and monitors your new resources without any input needed from you.

Getting started is extremely easy.

First step

Connect your AWS account by providing Blue Matador with read-only IAM credentials.

Second step

If you are running Kubernetes (EKS or other), create a daemonset in your cluster.

Third step

Blue Matador will instantly discover all of your resources and make read-only calls to various APIs to gather the data it needs to automatically monitor your infrastructure.

Blue Matador automatically collects and analyzes your data.

We analyze your baselines using machine learning

Once we have started collecting your data, we’ll analyze your baselines using machine learning and automatically start identifying adverse trends or misconfigurations in your system.

Automatically discover anomalies

With zero configuration, Blue Matador will instantly discover anomalies and critical production issues.

Continuously monitor all your resources

As soon as you set up Blue Matador, we’re continuously monitoring all your resources. New and changing resources are automatically monitored.

Blue Matador brings insights front and center.



Our Event Dashboard provides a preconfigured, real-time view of the health of your system in a single pane of glass. Or, use our Metrics Explorer to create specific dashboards for the metrics you care about most.

Alert Automation

Blue Matador triages events based on actionability and automatically notifies you without any manual alert configuration. Use our fine-tuned defaults and customize when needed.



The Timeline helps you troubleshoot and see correlations from different parts of the stack.


Browse Atlas to see everything Blue Matador is monitoring at a glance. Click through each resource for more detailed insights.

Blue Matador troubleshooting docs screenshot

Resolution help

Get a detailed explanation of every event and tips for resolving the problem.

Make it your own

Apply our intelligent alerting to your custom metrics too. Then connect to Slack, PagerDuty, and more to see alerts where you need them.


Explore how Blue Matador works in different environments.

Kubernetes monitoring

See how Blue Matador provides instantly effective Kubernetes monitoring.

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Serverless infrastructure monitoring

Get comprehensive AWS monitoring with zero configuration.

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AWS Lambda monitoring

Blue Matador monitors the serverless black box effortlessly.

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