Run applications in the cloud with confidence that you won’t miss anything.

Alert Automation for your Cloud Infrastructure

Discover the unknowns in your infrastructure.

Every innovative team has two competing interests: rapid feature development and production stability. Blue Matador enables the best of both worlds, where time-strapped developers and DevOps teams only get notified of actionable events that threaten production.

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Full alerting coverage without the toil

Full alerting coverage without the toil

With Blue Matador, you’ll never have to create alerts, manage thresholds, or gather baselines. You’ll never be caught off-guard by a service limit or have to tell our system what to look for.

Blue Matador tracks resources, detects baselines, regulates thresholds, and triages issues completely autonomously.

Zero configuration. Zero maintenance.

One dashboard for system health

On a single dashboard, capture every event from every cloud, every service, multiple accounts, and all your environments. New and resolved events are updated in real-time, giving you one place to look to check the health of your infrastructure.

One dashboard for system health

Deploy faster, rest easier.

Over 90% of our events are predictive, indicating imminent failures.
To emphasize urgency and reduce alert fatigue, all new events are classified as Alerts, Warnings, or Anomalies.


Alerts are immediately actionable

Alerts are immediately actionable


Warnings need intervention today

Warnings need intervention today


Anomalies help with root cause analysis

Anomalies help with root cause analysis

Simple root cause analysis with the Timeline

Simple root cause analysis with the Timeline

The Timeline allows you to see all events across your entire infrastructure in a single time-ordered list. Reading through the events helps you establish a cause-and-effect relationship between the events from your various micro-services and datastores. Filter on any tag, resource, or event type to remove unrelated issues.

Use your existing
notification workflow

Keep using your favorite notification tools. Use Blue Matador to find new events, but keep using the tools you know and love to receive notifications. Our integrations are always first-class citizens and rely on API access, not email, to deliver notifications to you. Where supported, we also send an update for the “resolve” event.

Use your existing notification workflow
Empower developers with Projects

Empower developers with Projects

Our Projects feature allows you to map resources (i.e. EC2 instances, Kubernetes namespaces, Azure load balancers, etc.) to named Projects. This many-to-many mapping can be used to identify environment, application, and even the responsible team.

Project-specific notifications empower developers to know when their application needs attention.

Easy Setup

Not kidding or exaggerating, here. Our customers have said the following:

“Out of the box Automagic”

“Install is remarkably easy.”

“Super duper easy to setup”

The real magic of Blue Matador is it works without configuration.


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Why customers love Blue Matador


Run applications with confidence.
With Blue Matador, you won’t miss anything.