Prevent Downtime with Lumberjack

The Only Log Management Software with AI-Powered Predictive Alerts

Prevent Downtime with Lumberjack

The Only Log Management Software with AI-Powered Predictive Alerts

Lumberjack: Centralized Log Management 2.0

You’ve tried logging software that helps you see critical business stories from your machine data.

Now you can upgrade to a predictive early-detection system that pinpoints hidden availability issues you didn’t even know to look for.

Lumberjack Beats Splunk and ELK (Elastic/Logstash/Kibana) on Technology

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Act on AI-Powered Predictive Alerts

Respond to anomalies before your customers are affected by—and receiving alerts up to 15 minutes faster than with other closed- or open-source logging solutions.

Receive actionable alerts based on artificial intelligence that forensically mines your logs for trends and deviations. Then preempt downtime by solving pending problems before they ever impact availability.

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Extract Business Intelligence From your Logs

Collect, aggregate, and search all your log entries in a single place and across team boundaries. Detect slow database queries and have developers triangulate root causes and troubleshoot with rich, tagged data. Empower developers with the ability to pull debug information themselves, freeing up operations personnel for more important tasks.

Everyone benefits from log data that was once siloed but now made beautifully accessible and dynamically available.

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Centralize Configuration With a Smart Agent

Sit back as Lumberjack’s smart agent collects configuration from the web console and automatically discovers every log file in your infrastructure, whether you run in the cloud, a data center, or a hybrid.

Running as a lean background daemon, Lumberjack’s smart agent automatically updates itself too so you can focus on developing — not deploying.

Minimize — or Eliminate — Time to Resolution

The key to five nines of uptime is to respond and fix quickly. The lesser-known key to 100% uptime is to predict and preempt outages from happening in the first place.

Lumberjack’s artificial intelligence-based alerts gives your team the critical lead time required to escalate and eliminate hidden anomalies before they strike.

Big Data Made Beautiful.

Eliminate dashboard disparity. Lumberjack’s dashboards turn what were once disparate, complex log files into beautiful, useful visual data.

Fumbling through multiple monitoring tools to see the big picture hinders productivity and lengthens time to resolution. Streamline your log management with persistent workspaces and amazing dashboards that make it fun to visualize your systems.

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Lumberjack was easy to set up and the support team is always helpful when we have questions or suggestions. Their upcoming predictive alerts will give us the edge in preventing downtime from happening in the first place. We’re fully expecting unprecedented uptime.

— Alma Madsen, CTO, Profile picture of Alma Madsen from

Predictive Alerts from Lumberjack: A DevOps Story

Behind every site is a group of reliability engineers working tirelessly during their days, nights, and weekends to keep it running. Lumberjack imbues them with AI-powered alerts that predict problems before they happen, giving those engineers up to 15 minutes of extra time to solve problems before customers are ever affected.

Before Predictive Alerts

False Positives & False Sense of Security

Illustration of stressed DevOps engineer with co-workers staring behind his back

You hear from your customer service team about site downtime and reactively scramble to fix the cascading issues and go late into the evening when you should be at home.

You lament the current state of your alert system — too many false positives, too many alerts at night, and too few people fixing the root causes.

You endlessly tweak the alerts, but it seems too many new bugs are introduced for you to get ahead of the curve.

Life as a site reliability engineer seems unreliable because you’re not in control, kind of like when you’re trying to identify a problem without the appropriate system permissions required to investigate it.

After Predictive Alerts

Eliminated Downtime & Minimized Stress

Illustration of the same DevOps engineer, now relaxed, with no one hounding him

Lumberjack mines your site logs through real-time data streams and uses AI to forecast the impending downtime.

You receive alerts about things you hadn’t even configured before, but that were problems nonetheless. You confidently fly through root cause analysis and resolve the errors, leaving work on time because you eliminated the problem before the support team was inundated with emails and tweets.

Your CTO trusts you to keep the site working, and the CEO doesn’t even know that you’ve just averted disasters today.

Once home, you hang up your superhero duties, and don your superhero costume for ComicCon.

Installs in Nanoseconds

Logging software requires agents to collect log files whether they are advertised as “agentless” or not.

Install Lumberjack’s smart agent with a single command and see why we created our own, built on Google’s golang to ensure minimal CPU overhead (<2%), memory overhead (<20MB), and network overhead (90% gzip compression).

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