Centralized Logging with Predictive Alerts.

Lumberjack helps dev and ops teams understand what broke, why it broke, and how to fix your app before it affects your customers.

Lumberjack: Centralized Log Management 2.0

Lumberjack collects and analyzes your access logs, application logs, and system logs for enhanced visibility into your software. It supports every log file and every log format. Grant access to developers for debugging issues, to operations and DevOps for solving downtime, to marketing for website traffic analysis, and to product managers for detecting feature usage.

If your servers crashed in the middle of a forest would your DevOps team hear it?

Lumberjack Increases Site Reliability

The key to five 9s of uptime is not to eliminate failures, but to diagnose and solve them quickly. Spend those critical seconds solving root causes using Lumberjack, not wrangling data, servers, and log entries.

Triangulate Root Causes

Finding root causes is very similar to GPS triangulation—it takes multiple, independent data sources working together. Lumberjack is the first in a suite of products designed to pinpoint root causes and increase uptime.

Minimize Time to Resolution

Seconds add up fast when the goal is 99.999% uptime. The only way to get those seconds back is to start predicting downtime instead of reacting to it. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo. Do something about it.

Simplify Your Infrastructure

Most monitoring tools have a high cost of evaluation: benchmarking agents, checking SLA’s, testing features, and more. Stop the tool proliferation! Register for a single account in an ever-expanding product suite.

Lumberjack is Available in the Cloud and On-Premise


Operating in the cloud allows global access and flexibility to solve problems anywhere, anytime. Our multi-tenant infrastructure reduces costs that we pass on to you, our customers. The payment model is usage-based, just the same as your favorite IaaS provider—you can dial back your usage and save money at anytime. As a customer of our Cloud SaaS, you will enjoy the fastest release cycle of high quality software.

Automatic bug fixes and new features
99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for uptime
No contracts, hidden fees, or tricks
Access your data from anywhere, anytime
Disaster recovery plan with geographical distribution
24/7 support with a 1 hour response
Industry-standard encryption and security

Larger corporations, government entities, and companies in regulated industries will appreciate the features in the On-Premise software license. Lumberjack runs in your data center, private cloud, or anywhere else you want it to, and is 100% completely isolated from external dependencies, upstream calls, and the Cloud SaaS. Monthly contracts are based on data consumption, not size or number of servers.

Deployable inside data centers, gov cloud, and others
100% self-contained with no external dependencies
Manage updates and features on a custom schedule
SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, ISO 27002 Compliant
Includes training for installation and application management
24/7 support with a 1 hour response
Industry-standard encryption and security

We’ve got 99.999 problems but uptime ain’t one.

Lumberjack Installs on any Platform

Windows Server

The Smart Agent for Windows is bundled with Python and is installable on all versions of Windows Server, including Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2016.

Linux Distributions

A single line, copy/paste shell command installs and configures the Smart Agent on Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, SUSE, and others. The system’s package manager provides updates.

Mac OS X

Use Homebrew to easily install the agent onto your OS X systems. Python’s virtual environments are used to isolate runtime and package requirements for OS X and the other operating systems.