Receive alerts about things you hadn’t even configured before,

but that were problems nonetheless.

Reduce downtime

Watchdog, our free system vitals alerting tool, and Lumberjack, our centralized log management tool, work together under one login and a single install to reduce your mean time to resolution (MTTR) by up to 15 minutes compared to what you’re using today.


What Our Platform Offers Your DevOps Team

Increase Uptime
Increase Uptime
Improve SLA compliance and offer customers a more reliable experience with 99.999% availability
Decrease MTTR
Decrease MTTR
Resolve issues up to 15 minutes faster than with other monitoring tools to dramatically reduce mean time to resolution
Automate Monitoring
Automate Monitoring
End-to-end monitoring of your entire stack frees your time up to other, more important tasks
Reduced Operating Costs
Reduced Operating Costs
Less downtime means trimmed operating costs, and our single platform means diminished vendor costs for your budget
Better Sleep
Better Sleep
Receive fewer emergency maintenance requests while on call at home
Less Stress
Less Stress
Minimized noise from having to work in multiple dashboards and across different vendors means less frustration and more problem-solving
System Health Monitor
Watchdog - System Health Monitor

Watchdog is the predictive system-level vitals monitor that sends you and your team Essential Alerts™, proactively notifying you of all the hardware issues you need to know about. With Watchdog on your team, you won’t have to worry about the basic health metrics of your hardware, such as running out of disk space, swap space, or memory.

  • PREDICTIVE: Config-free Automatic Alerts
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Monitor All Server Vitals
  • FREE: No Cost, Forever

Avoid Downtime and Embarrassment

With Watchdog enabled for your team, guard your servers against basic hardware problems such as CPU overload or low disk space, problems that can lead to downtime and difficult accountability conversations with the CTO.

Pre-empt downtime with PREDICTIVE ALERTS from Lumberjack

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Lumberjack - Centralized Log Management

Cut through all the cruft in your system and application logs quickly and resolve problems faster with Lumberjack, the AI-powered centralized log management tool that alerts you about things you didn’t even know to look for.

  • AI-POWERED: Predictive Alerts
  • CENTRALIZED: Aggregates All Your Logs
  • BEAUTIFUL: Dark-UI Web App
Prevent Downtime before It Strikes

Prevent Downtime before It Strikes

With Lumberjack working by your side, experience increased availability among your servers and reduced mean time to resolution with predictive alerts you don’t even have to configure to enable.

Firefighter - IT Alert & Incident Management

Coming soon

Firefighter is the alert and incident management tool that notifies the right person at the right time and through the right communications channel. With Firefighter on your team, resolve incidents faster, escalate issues easier, and extinguish server and app problems before they turn into downtime. Available in beta soon.

  • TARGETED: Alerts in front of the eyes that need to see them
  • STREAMLINED: Receive links directly to data in your dashboards
  • UBIQUITOUS: Get notified through channels that matter to you
Receive IT Alerts Where You Look for Them the Most

Receive IT Alerts Where You Look for Them the Most

Firefighter works with Lumberjack, Watchdog, and third-party apps through a public API so you can focus on solving problems, not fighting them.




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