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How It Works


Collect - all your data, anywhere

All your data, anywhere

Without any configuration, we identify all your system resources. In fact, we monitor for issues most engineers don't even think about, such as time drift, VM steal time, and disk latency. It's like having a virtual DevOps team member on 24/7 watch, continuously monitoring your infrastructure.

ML Engine

ML Engine - auto-discovery and correlation

Auto-discovery and correlation

This is our underlying magic. Using proprietary artificial intelligence, our machine learning determines the growth, decay, and seasonality of your data to identify what’s normal and what’s not. We set up dynamic thresholds for you so you can focus on fixing problems — not searching through data or graphs for them.


Notify - wherever your team works

Wherever your team works

Whether it's in PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Slack, or somewhere in between, Blue Matador integrates with the tools you already use. For example, when you receive a critical notification, our configurable Smart Alert Routing can send it to PagerDuty while everything else is routed to Slack.

Why Blue Matador

See Infrastructure Issues Ahead of Time

Focus on proactively maintaining your systems’ health — not just reacting to existing issues. With your pre-configured dashboard, gain visibility into active alerts, warnings of upcoming issues, and anomalies discovered for you. Now you can finally stay ahead of the curve instead of fighting fires.

Reduce Your IT Monitoring Fatigue

Gain visibility into monitoring problems you may not even be looking for — notifications and metrics are all automatically set up for you. And with dynamic, auto-adjusting thresholds, always have relevant, up-to-date recommendations.

Gain Greater System Visibility

Your System Stability Index™ is a trackable, reportable figure that measures your system health and responsiveness to server issues. Experience at-a-glance insight into your infrastructure's health and increased visibility into your servers, VMs, containers, and microservices.



Blue Matador's Integrations Make Your Tools Proactive

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