AWS Health Assessment


Overall Health Review

We’ll review your AWS environment based on our proprietary algorithms and exhaustive knowledge of AWS monitoring. Then we’ll provide an overall health score and a summary of the most critical issues to address. This will provide awareness of previously unknown issues and the overall health of your systems.

Overall Health Review
Critical Issue Identification

Critical Issue Identification

We’ll identify the most prominent potential issues in your AWS environment, give you context for why they are an issue and what effects they could have, and grade their severity. This will help you know what lurking issues exist and how to prioritize which issues to address first.

Recommended Fixes

Not only will we identify potential issues, we’ll provide specific, tailored recommended fixes of how you can address the problem and documentation to expand your knowledge of the underlying services and systems.  This will help you stay ahead of the curve by addressing any issues before they become incidents.

Recommended Fixes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with my free report?
Simply provide read-only access to your AWS account, that’s it.  Get started →

What type of read-only access do you need to my AWS account?
The simplest way to get started is to create an AWS IAM user with the “ReadOnlyAccess” managed policy. For advanced users, we recommend tighter restrictions; click here to view a policy which requests only the permissions needed for the assessment. If you’re not familiar with IAM, we provide this guide to create a user.

How quickly will I get my report?
The assessment looks for best practices, common mistakes, runtime errors, and AWS errors. Many of our proprietary algorithms need 3-5 days to understand your environment and baselines before making recommendations. We will provide your report after this learning period.

How is Blue Matador associated with AWS?
We are proud to be an AWS Technology Partner

Do you have other questions about the report?
Please submit your question here or start a chat and our team will respond quickly

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