How does Blue Matador compare to other infrastructure monitoring tools?

There are a lot of tools and options out there. Here's how we’re different.

Blue Matador anomalies, warnings, and alerts

We lead with actionable alerts and insights.

Most monitoring tools' main focus is graphs and dashboards. Although we do a little of that too, Blue Matador’s main focus is providing actionable insights. Our belief is that fast-moving, innovative teams don’t have time to stare at dashboards and hunt through graphs all day. They just need to proactively know about pending issues so they can get back to focusing on innovating.

Zero-config, 5-minute setup

All tools claim they're fast and easy, right? But in reality you need to dedicate a whole sprint or more just to implement the tool.

Blue Matador really takes just minutes to fully set up and configure. Skeptical? Read what these real customers are saying on G2 about how easy and fast it is to use Blue Matador.

Integrating with Blue Matador
Blue Matador pricing vs. competitors

Cost-effective, simple pricing

Blue Matador’s pricing is simple and straightforward: $10 / host / month based on compute resources.

We'll never throttle you as you scale and we’ll never raise your monthly bill without confirming with you. You get ML-based monitoring at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time compared to other tools.

Blue Matador vs. other tools

See how Blue Matador compares one-to-one with other tools.

Blue Matador vs.

ML-based monitoring at a fraction of the cost

Compare Blue Matador vs. Datadog

Blue Matador vs.

Anomaly detection and automated alerting without the manual setup

Compare Blue Matador vs. CloudWatch

Blue Matador vs.

No manual setup, just immediate insight into your Kubernetes cluster

Compare Blue Matador vs. Prometheus

Blue Matador vs.
New Relic

Affordable and cost-effective with no manual setup

Compare Blue Matador vs. New Relic

Blue Matador vs.

Simple, straightforward monitoring for small teams and startups

Compare Blue Matador vs. SignalFX

Blue Matador vs.

Easy and fast to implement, perfect for innovative, fast-moving teams

Compare Blue Matador vs. LogicMonitor

Blue Matador vs.

Automated, full-coverage monitoring built for the cloud

Compare Blue Matador vs. Nagios

Blue Matador vs.

Fast, easy-to-use, and modern without the manual setup

Compare Blue Matador vs. SolarWinds

Blue Matador vs.

ML-based monitoring at a cost-effective, transparent price

Compare Blue Matador vs. Dynatrace

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