Receive Blue Matador notifications in Squadcast

For teams using Squadcast to receive notifications, Blue Matador can help. Leverage Blue Matador’s integration with Squadcast to have critical alerts and warnings routed to the appropriate on-call team member.


Reduce alert fatigue with Blue Matador’s intelligent notification system

Due to Blue Matador categorizing notifications as Alerts, Warnings and Anomalies based on severity, your team only gets notified in Squadcast when the notification is critical and requires manual intervention. As a result, false positives are negated and alert fatigue is reduced

Receive actionable alerts, not noise

When you receive a notification from Blue Matador, it contains relevant information regarding the type of alert, what instance/service it is related to and, most importantly, troubleshooting tips on how to fix it and a link directly to the AWS console. Consequently, you can take action directly from Squadcast to fix the problem.


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