Proactively monitor AWS AutoScaling

With Blue Matador, you will automatically be notified of any issues related to AutoScaling. For instance, Blue Matador detects when there are too few EC2 instances in an AutoScaling group.


Full monitoring coverage with zero config

Out-of-the-box, Blue Matador will monitor metrics critical to AutoScaling without any configuration or set-up. And unlike other monitoring tools, Blue Matador doesn’t just alert you based on static thresholds – it dynamically detects potential issues and alerts based on outliers and negative trends.

Ease anxiety with automatic notifications

Blue Matador notices when a potential issue with AutoScaling arises before it causes an incident. Not only that, it also gives you troubleshooting tips on how to resolve the issue. This provides ease of mind knowing that Blue Matador finds the unknowns related to your AWS environment.


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