Proactively monitor your Kubernetes clusters

Blue Matador proactively monitors your Kubernetes clusters by automatically tracking over 20 events including pod limits, container out of memory, DaemonSet unhealthy, container restarts, pod stuck in terminating and many more.


Full monitoring coverage with zero config

Out-of-the-box, Blue Matador will monitor metrics critical to the health of your Kubernetes environment without any configuration or set-up. And unlike other monitoring tools, Blue Matador doesn’t just alert you based on static thresholds – it dynamically detects your baselines and alerts you based on outliers and negative trends.

Ease anxiety with automatic notifications

Blue Matador notices when a running process dies or a remote port is no longer responding and automatically alerts you. Not only that, it also gives you troubleshooting tips on how to resolve the issue. This provides ease of mind knowing that Blue Matador monitors the unknowns in your Kubernetes environment.


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