Simple. Flat. Affordable.

The Blue Matador Value: Use Blue Matador as your IT infrastructure monitoring provider and you won’t need to worry about paying for user seats, getting around feature limitations, or overcoming paywalls since our pricing model is entirely usage based.

Our usage-based pricing is based on three components:ingest, archive, search. Our platform is fully featured, for all your users, regardless of the amount you spend with us. Just imagine... no paywalls, no limitations, and no upgrades.

Month to Month

Cancel anytime without any fees. Keeping accounts based on value is better than signing a contract.

No Hidden Fees

Pay for what you use, and not a dollar more. Pricing is based on the components below and nothing else.

No Limitations

Every account has unlimited hosts (agents), users, API calls, ingest, search, archive, and dashboards.

No Throttling

Spikes are the most interesting parts of monitoring. They can also be the most expensive. Good news: We don't throttle or drop your ingested data. Ever.

Usage-based pricing

AWS, Rackspace, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure — the major cloud infrastructure providers — charged based on usage alone.

Why should monitoring your infrastructure be any different?

Pre-empt downtime with PREDICTIVE ALERTS from Lumberjack

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Industry-Leading Pricing

Lumberjack pricing is based on simple, flat rates work that work for everything from small businesses to large enterprises.

Our usage-based pricing depends on only three components:
ingest, archive, search. Even better, our platform is fully featured — for all your users — regardless of the amount you spend with us. Just imagine: No paywalls, no user seats, and no upgrades.


$ 0.49

per GB

A one-time cost for data sent from your servers to the Lumberjack data stream.


$ 0.21

per GB/day

Log data in "search" lives in-memory and is accessed via APIs and dashboards.


$ 0.007

per GB/day

"Archived" data lives on-disk and is great for compliance or long-term storage.

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Part of the

Blue Matador

DevOps Monitoring Platform

Blue Matador is the first DevOps monitoring platform to combine all your monitoring tools under one place so you can focus on preventing downtime, not fighting fires.

And because Lumberjack is part of our platform, it means it runs on the Blue Matador smart agent, a lightweight, auto-updating agent that installs in seconds on all your servers.

Fast. Minimal. Powerful.

No credit card required

Free to try

Install without hassle or approval

Faster MTTR

1 to 15 min

Decrease your mean time to resolution

Quick, unattended setup

23 sec install

Copy & paste, relax with a scriptable installation

Don't believe us? Install for free

Simple monitoring of

All systems

Works across all Linux and Windows server racks

Simplify your workflow

1 login

Avoid managing multiple dashboards

Common smart agent

1 agent

Reduce your server overhead

Logging software requires agents to collect log files whether they are advertised as “agentless” or not. Install the Blue Matador smart agent with a single command and see why we created our own agent, built on Google’s golang to ensure minimal CPU overhead (<2%), memory overhead (<20MB), and network overhead (90% gzip compression).

Pre-empt downtime with PREDICTIVE ALERTS from Lumberjack

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