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Your Downtime Dashboard With Specific
Recommendations to Eliminate Outages

Blue Matador Dashboard

Downtime Prevention Score™

Introducing the first and only metric that tracks how well DevOps teams respond to downtime threats. Prevent issues earlier to increase your score.

Downtime Prevention Trend

Visualize your DPS™ over time. Strive for scores of 90 or higher to maximize your uptime and reach greater levels of reliability for your customers.

Active System Checks

Our software automatically detects and monitors 30 key metrics that identify the health of your systems. See these indicators at a glance on your dashboard.

Recommendation Distribution

Identify patterns in the priorities of your recommendations over time. Strive to address issues labeled tomorrow, one week, and one month issues so they won't escalate to now or today incidents.

Prevention Timeline

Know exactly what you need to do to prevent system outages. Our proprietary Prevention Timeline identifies the set of tasks you need to complete to avoid downtime now, today, tomorrow, in one week, and in one month.

Current Recommendations

See all of Blue Matador's recommendations in one place so you can focus on preventing downtime, not reacting to it. Each recommendation has details, history, and troubleshooting tips to help you know exactly what to do to prevent an outage.

Introducing the Prevention Timeline

Unique to your specific architecture, the Prevention Timeline adapts and categorizes downtime-preventing recommendations for you based on their urgency.


[P5] One Month: 30D to Prevent
[P4] One Week: 7D to Prevent
[P3] Tomorrow: 48H to Prevent
[P2] Today: 24H to Prevent
[P1] Now: Critical

You'll know when issues are on the horizon and when you need to fix them to prevent downtime.

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Works With Your Infrastructure

Out of the box, Blue Matador works with Linux and Windows Server. In the cloud or on-premises, our software prevents downtime with any architecture.

Linux: Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, CentOS
Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
Amazon AWS
Smart Alert Routing

Smart Alert Routing

When you get a new recommendation, or an existing one escalates, we notify you. How you get notified is highly configurable based on your team's unique workflow. You can assign different notification channels to different levels on your Prevention Timeline. For example, critical issues can go to PagerDuty while everything else is routed to Slack.

Unlimited Users

Invite your whole team or work independently. Admin and user access roles mean enhanced security because you don't worry about sharing user accounts or the hassle of running out of licenses.

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Unlimited Users
Quick Install, Simple Maintenance

Quick Install, Simple Maintenance

Our agent installs quickly and updates automatically. And it works with Chef, making deployment and orchestration simple.


Troubleshooting Tips

When you click on a particular recommendation, you can share a URL directly to the notification, making sharing and collaborating easy.

Troubleshooting Tips
Live Updates

Live Updates

See recommendations arrive as they are created. If a new issue is discovered while working in the Blue Matador web app, receive the recommendation immediately without reloading the page. Our real-time updates are great for keeping tabs on the office TV dashboard.

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