System-level monitor

All aspects of your hardware need to be proactively monitored in a business-level server setup. Watchdog monitors everything you need to make sure your servers run smoothly.

All your systems. All your disks. None of the risks.

Reduce alert fatigue with configurable notifications

Automatic setup means Essential Alerts™ for your entire stack are ready out of the box

Watchdog saves your DevOps team from basic but embarrassing problems.

Watchdog monitors vitals for your entire hardware stack

System admins know what they need to watch, but they don’t always have the time because they’re so busy.

Let Watchdog loose on your hardware by installing the Blue Matador smart agent and get proactive alerts on:


Swap space

VM steal time

System load

Hard disks




And more

Watchdog is free forever

Why is Watchdog free?

Watchdog is free forever because we want to help system admins get ahead of the firefighting curve.

Our founders spent years doing on-call DevOps monitoring, day and night.

We get the frustration of fighting fires all the time, always balancing the need to fix production, add more monitoring, and do more of the “real” DevOps work you were hired to do.

Watchdog is Secure

What Data Watchdog Shares:

Watchdog runs entirely on your server. In fact, after installing the Blue Matador Smart Agent, your server detects hardware anomalies and generates the report metrics itself. And it does this with the amazingly low overhead that our Smart Agent provides (<2% CPU overhead, <2% memory usage, and 90% gzip compression).

Our service never sees any of your data. When your server detects an alert should be triggered, only non-identifying information is sent to our service to send the notification to you. All of the data used in anomaly detection stays on your server the entire time and is non user-identifiable. This also means that Watchdog works well with HIPAA compliance.

Part of the

Blue Matador

DevOps Monitoring Platform

Blue Matador is the first DevOps monitoring platform to combine all your monitoring tools under one place so you can focus on preventing downtime, not fighting fires.

And because Watchdog is part of our platform, it means it runs on the Blue Matador smart agent, a lightweight, auto-updating agent that installs in seconds on all your servers.

Fast. Minimal. Powerful.

No credit card required

Free to try

Install without hassle or approval

Faster MTTR

1 to 15 min

Decrease your mean time to resolution

Quick, unattended setup

23 sec install

Copy & paste, relax with a scriptable installation

Don't believe us? Install for free

Simple monitoring of

All systems

Works across all Linux and Windows server racks

Simplify your workflow

1 login

Avoid managing multiple dashboards

Common smart agent

1 agent

Reduce your server overhead

Guard your stack against SYSTEM VITALS ISSUES from Watchdog

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