Presenting at Invest Southwest’s 2018 Venture Madness Competition in Phoenix

By Blue Matador on January, 10 2018


Last year we were thrilled to compete and win 2nd place in the Silicon Slopes Start Madness Competition, where we took home $100,000. This year, we’re pleased to announce we’ve been invited to compete in the 2018 Venture Madness Competition at Galvanize Phoenix in Arizona on January 30.

Sponsored by Invest Southwest and the Arizona Commerce Authority, we’ll be competing against 26 other early-stage startups from America’s southwest tech corridor for one of three cash prizes of $10,000 and one grand prize of $20,000.

The one-day pitching event pits us against five other startups in the “Deep Tech” category: Codelucida, I.Me.Mine, and Reglagene of Arizona; and Dentavations and Seek of Utah.

During the live-demo portion of the competition, CEO of cloud monitoring service Blue Matador, Matthew Barlocker, will be sharing some of 2017’s biggest blunders in downtime. You can read about them here.

What’s so bad about downtime? As you probably already know, it destroys revenue, customer confidence, NPS scores, brand equity, and employee morale. And it can do this in just minutes. After all, downtime costs the average business upwards of $100,000 in just an hour.

How do you prevent downtime? Matthew will walk Venture Madness’s audience through it. But here’s a preview. Downtime prevention doesn’t occur solely through visualizing issues after they’ve already taken down your servers. That’s what a lot of the DevOps monitoring industry goes after.

Instead, we’re excited to bring our downtime-prevention message of predictive alerting to Arizona. We’ll explain how our artificial intelligence and machine learning helps companies prevent downtime before it has a chance to occur, up to 15 minutes faster than other products that focus on aesthetics, graphs, and dashboards.