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Blue Matador

We began with the goal of making monitoring truly proactive — not reactive. At Blue Matador, we provide peace of mind for DevOps professionals by enabling them to proactively monitor their infrastructure for the first time.
Downtime is Ruining Your Sales Pipeline
By Blue Matador on January 29, 2018

We've written about the devastating effects of IT outages on your support staff, and it's not any better for your sales team.

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2018’s Best Log Management & Server Monitoring Conferences & Events
By Blue Matador on January 22, 2018

We're more than just your basic AWS network monitoring provider here at Blue Matador. We are concerned with all things related to downtime prevention, so we thought it appropriate to...

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Downtime-Prevention Software Company Blue Matador Announces $1 Million Seed Round
By Blue Matador on January 22, 2018

Blue Matador, the first DevOps software company to develop and bring downtime-prevention software to market, announces seed funding led by Peterson Partners with participation from Tallwave...

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Presenting at Invest Southwest’s 2018 Venture Madness Competition in Phoenix
By Blue Matador on January 10, 2018

Last year we were thrilled to compete and win 2nd place in the Silicon Slopes Start Madness Competition, where we took home $100,000. This year, we’re pleased to announce we’ve been...

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Downtime is Killing Trust in Your Customer Support Team
By Blue Matador on January 8, 2018

When the customer support reps at your company think of “downtime,” they’re probably not thinking of “reduced activity or inactivity”. Instead, they probably think of stressful barrages of...

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Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution for Log Management
By Blue Matador on January 2, 2018

With the cost of downtime approaching $700 billion a year, no one can afford interruptions in their app or service. (That works out to be $5,600/minute.)

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