• IAM Access in Kubernetes: kube2iam vs kiam

    IAM Access in Kubernetes: kube2iam vs kiam

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Mark Siebert

Mark is a full-stack engineer who cut his teeth on professional software development at Lucid Software where he specialized in building scalable backend systems. He's a huge fan of open source software and is one of the primary authors of Relate (database access library) and Cumulus (AWS infrastructure management). Mark loves watching shows with his wife, studying Chinese, and hunting Minecraft chickens.


How to Monitor Your Kubernetes Cluster: Prometheus vs Datadog
By Mark Siebert on January 15, 2019

So you’ve got a shiny new Kubernetes cluster up and it’s a dream. Deploying code is easy, scaling is a breeze, and you’ve never felt so efficient. However, despite claims that...

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How to Diagnose and Fix AWS Lambda Iterator Age
By Mark Siebert on December 4, 2018

AWS Lambda can use stream based services as invocation sources, essentially making your Lambda function a consumer of those streams. Stream sources include Kinesis Streams and DynamoDB...

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How to Monitor AWS Lambda with CloudWatch
By Mark Siebert on November 27, 2018

Since Amazon released Lambda in late 2014, the notion of serverless applications and function-as-a-service has steadily gained steam. Being able to focus on application code and...

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How to Monitor AWS Kinesis with CloudWatch
By Mark Siebert on November 6, 2018

If you’re using AWS Kinesis in your application, you’ll want to monitor your streams to make sure they are healthy and that your producers and consumers are interacting with them...

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Why AWS Lambda Throttles Functions (and how to fix it!)
By Mark Siebert on October 4, 2018

Have you noticed recently that your AWS Lambda invocation requests are getting throttled? If so, your Lambda functions are probably not running as designed. Let’s examine the possible...

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Enforcing Method Presence in React Components with Flow
By Mark Siebert on November 6, 2017

Recently I was on Flow’s Gitter when someone asked the following question:

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