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Keilan Jackson

Keilan’s specialty is bringing development, quality assurance, and operations together for efficient delivery and maintenance of software. He believes that functional programming, typed JavaScript, and Docker make the world a better place. His free time is spent sampling Utah’s amazing micro brews and co-parenting cats Artemis and Queue with his boyfriend.

Kubernetes, Blue Matador

How to Delete Pods from a Kubernetes Node
By Keilan Jackson on December 7, 2021

When administering your Kubernetes cluster, you will likely run into a situation where you need to delete pods from one of your nodes. You may need to debug issues with the node itself,...

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AWS, Kubernetes

How we went from kops to EKS in production
By Keilan Jackson on September 25, 2020

Amazon’s EKS service (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) allows you to create a Kubernetes control plane in your AWS account without having to configure Kubernetes master nodes,...

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2 ways to set up static IP addresses for ALB
By Keilan Jackson on September 16, 2020

One highly requested feature of AWS’s Application Load Balancer (ALB) is the ability to assign static IP addresses. Unfortunately, ALBs do not support this feature and it is unlikely they...

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Building and deploying a Docker image to a Kubernetes cluster
By Keilan Jackson on September 10, 2020

Deploying Docker images to Kubernetes is a great way to run your application in an easily scalable way. Getting started with your first Kubernetes deployment can be a little daunting if you...

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Azure Kubernetes Service: How to create a cluster
By Keilan Jackson on September 3, 2020

Azure Kubernetes Service, Microsoft's managed Kubernetes solution, allows you to quickly create a Kubernetes cluster in Microsoft Azure and provides features to help you manage and maintain...

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AWS, Kubernetes

Guide: Upgrading EKS with Terraform
By Keilan Jackson on August 27, 2020

New Kubernetes versions are released multiple times per year, and you must upgrade your EKS cluster periodically to stay up to date. In this blog post we will go over the steps required to...

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