• IAM Access in Kubernetes: kube2iam vs kiam

    IAM Access in Kubernetes: kube2iam vs kiam

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Keilan Jackson

Keilan’s specialty is bringing development, quality assurance, and operations together for efficient delivery and maintenance of software. He believes that functional programming, typed JavaScript, and Docker make the world a better place. His free time is spent sampling Utah’s amazing micro brews and co-parenting cats Artemis and Queue with his boyfriend.


Creating a Kubernetes Cluster in Azure Kubernetes Service
By Keilan Jackson on November 12, 2019

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is Microsoft Azure’s managed Kubernetes solution. AKS allows you to quickly create a Kubernetes cluster in Microsoft Azure and provides features to help...

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Kubernetes, Blue Matador

How to Monitor Kubernetes With Blue Matador
By Keilan Jackson on October 8, 2019

Kubernetes is the defacto solution for production-ready container orchestration in 2019. Organizations of any size are able to take advantage of Kubernetes’ quick setup, feature-rich...

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Serverless in AWS: Lambda vs. Fargate
By Keilan Jackson on August 27, 2019

Serverless computing has taken off in recent years as engineering organizations have shied away from the complexity and cost that comes with managing physical servers and even virtual...

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AWS, Blue Matador

Monitoring Amazon Classic Elastic Load Balancers with Blue Matador
By Keilan Jackson on August 6, 2019

AWS Elastic Load Balancing is one of the most widely used of Amazon’s cloud services. In many AWS stacks, an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) will be involved in almost every single request...

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AWS, Kubernetes

Upgrading Kubernetes on EKS with Terraform
By Keilan Jackson on July 30, 2019

New Kubernetes versions are released multiple times per year, and your EKS cluster must be upgraded periodically to stay up to date. In this blog post we will go over the steps required...

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Post Mortem: Kubernetes Node OOM
By Keilan Jackson on July 9, 2019

Production issues are never fun. They always seem to happen when you’re not at work, and the cause always seems to be silly. We recently had issues in our production Kubernetes cluster...

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