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Kubernetes for startups: What not to do (yet)
By Taylor Jones on July 2, 2020

As a fast-moving startup, you don’t have the luxury of spending days figuring out exactly what you need in a Kubernetes cluster. We’ve been there. To help out, we wrote a whole ebook on...

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Report: Lambda use among Blue Matador users in 2020
By Taylor Jones on June 25, 2020

It’s no secret that AWS Lambda adoption has grown steadily since AWS first released it in 2015—and for good reason. The benefits of adopting Lambda are many: leveraging Lambda eliminates...

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Top 4 must-monitor API Gateway metrics
By Taylor Jones on June 11, 2020

Intro Marc Andreessen famously said, “Software is eating the world.” Dr. Steve Willmott subsequently retorted, “APIs are eating software.” This is because API based architectures are...

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AWS, Lambda

Top 7 AWS Lambda metrics to monitor
By Taylor Jones on May 14, 2020

Since launching in 2014, AWS Lambda has dramatically grown in popularity. Lambda allows you to run code without having to manage the underlying compute resources. From a monitoring...

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