The Resources page in the Blue Matador app is the place to go if you’re wondering what resources Blue Matador is monitoring or if you would like to configure some mute rules for a particular resource.


    Viewing Resources

    To view resources, navigate to the Resources page via Explore > Resources. On this page, you’ll see a table of all the resources that Blue Matador is monitoring. For each resource, you will see the following information:

    • The type of resource

    • The name of the resource

    • The integration type and name the resource belongs to

    • The projects (if enabled) that the resource belongs to
    Resources Card


    Details Pane

    If you click on a resource, the details pane will slide out and show you more information about the resource. Not only will you see the information listed in the resource card, but you’ll also see metadata and tags for the resource. From this view, you can filter the resource list by any metadata or tag value. You can also create a mute rule for the resource by clicking on the mute button in the pane.

    Details Pane


    Filtering Resources

    You can filter your resources in three ways:

    1. By resource type
    2. By the integration they belong to
    3. By metadata or tag value

    Filtering by Resource Type

    Filtering resources by type allows you to view all your resources of one type. For example, you might only want to see your AWS EC2 instances. To do so, click the dropdown labeled Filter Resources above the resource list. Select the service from the list of services in the dropdown. To stop filtering, use the dropdown to select All.

    Resource Type


    Filtering by Integration

    Filtering by integration lets you see all the resources from one integration. This would be useful, for example, if you wanted to see all the resources from a particular AWS account. To filter by integration, click the dropdown labeled Filter Integration above the resource list. Select the desired integration from the dropdown. To stop filtering, use the dropdown to select All.




    Filtering by Metadata or Tag

    Filtering by metadata or tag lets you view resources the share the same metadata. For example, you could use this method to view all your resources running in AWS’s us-east-1 region. To do so, open the Details Pane for a resource that has the metadata value you’d like to filter to. Find the metadata in the list, click on the filter icon, and choose Show Only These.



    To stop filtering, click the button above the resource list that contains the metadata value. 




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