A queue producer sends messages to an SQS queue. Issues with producers can be detected by monitoring the NumberOfMessagesSent metric in CloudWatch and detecting when a queue goes from consistently receiving messages, to receiving no messages. Issues with SQS producers tend to have cascading effects on other parts of your system and should be addressed ASAP.


    Always be on the lookout for changes to your application or infrastructure when you have an issue with SQS. It is always more likely that a change you made is causing issues than that the issue is on Amazon's side. Here are some examples of changes that could cause your SQS producers to break:

    • The application code for your producers has a bug and must be debugged using application logs
    • A permissions issue with the producer and the affected queue was introduced. Check IAM permissions for both the producers and the affected SQS queue
    • If the SQS queue is the recipient of messages from S3 change notifications, SNS, IoT, or another AWS service, there may be an issue with that service which prevents it from sending the messages to SQS


    Note: Our system uses SQS metrics in Amazon CloudWatch to detect possible issues with producers for your queue. Due to the API limitations of CloudWatch, there can be a delay of as many as 20 minutes before our system can detect these issues.