In the realm of AWS infrastructure, AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) serves as a fundamental tool for establishing isolated network environments tailored to specific needs. Troubleshooting AWS VPC challenges can be intricate due to its diverse configurations and seamless integration with various AWS services, but we are here to help you with that. This documentation endeavors to provide guidance on diagnosing common issues within AWS VPC setups and offering actionable recommendations for effective resolution.


    How Monitoring Works

    We monitor the following AWS VPC Metrics:

    • aws.vpn_tunnel_state
    • aws.vpn_tunnel_data_in.bytes_per_second
    • aws.vpn_tunnel_data_out.bytes_per_second

    While AWS CloudWatch and other monitoring tools keep an eye on AWS VPC health, Blue Matador advances monitoring by foreseeing issues before they arise. With easy configuration and proactive monitoring, Blue Matador keeps your VPC healthy, alerting administrators of performance hiccups, security breaches, and configuration glitches. By staying vigilant with VPC metrics, admins can analyze problems before they escalate, ensuring their VPC infrastructure remains robust and reliable.


    VPC Connectivity Issues

    If instances within your VPC cannot communicate with each other or with resources outside the VPC, it indicates connectivity issues that require immediate attention.

    Possible Solutions

    • Security Group Misconfigurations.
      • Ensure that security group rules allow necessary inbound and outbound traffic for the affected instances.
      • Check for any conflicting or overly restrictive security group rules that might block the desired communication.
    • Network Access Control List (NACL) Settings.
      • Review NACL configurations to ensure they permit the required traffic.
      • Check for any overly restrictive rules in NACLs that might be blocking traffic unintentionally.
    • Route Table Misconfigurations.
      • Verify that route tables are correctly configured to route traffic between subnets or to the internet gateway (IGW) for external communication.
      • Check for any missing or incorrect route entries that might prevent traffic from reaching its destination.
    • Subnet Routing Issues.
      • Confirm that subnets are associated with the correct route tables and have appropriate route entries.
      • Check for subnet configurations that might restrict communication between instances.

    Remember to analyze VPC flow logs, review security group and NACL configurations, inspect route tables and subnet settings, and verify the status of network components like IGWs and peering connections to troubleshoot connectivity issues effectively. Consult AWS documentation and community resources for further assistance with specific issues or advanced troubleshooting techniques.