Cloudwatch measures the time it takes to run each lambda function. Because billing is affected by the function duration, this is an important metric to monitor. Blue Matador provides anomaly detection on this metric so you can know when your function duration changes.

    Causes for Anomalies in Lambda Duration

    • Changes in function code have made the function more inefficient and take longer to execute
    • A slowdown in your function’s dependencies are causing your function to wait on other resources



    Blue Matador watches your function duration to make sure it doesn't get too close to the timeout you've configured. This warning is especially important as it will help you to keep your function from timing out and being terminated. If you are approaching the configured timeout, troubleshoot it in the following manner:

    1. Configure a higher timeout. The maximum function timeout is 300 seconds, but you should just pick an amount of time where you are confident your function will not be terminated.
    2. Find the cause of the slow down.
    3. Once you've fixed the slowdown, set the timeout back to its original value. If your function legitimately takes longer to execute, configure an appropriate new timeout.