Kubernetes events capture information about the operations of a Kubernetes cluster. Events are created for a variety of reasons such as when scheduling pods, updating resources, and when system state changes.

    Blue Matador collects Kubernetes events that have a type of Warning and organizes and notifies you of the events depending on their Reason. In most cases the event’s message will have detailed information on what resources are affected and exactly what the issue is.


    Some event reasons are monitored specifically by Blue Matador and grouped by controller or node so that troubleshooting is easier. Those events are:


    Some events are completely filtered out to avoid creating noise. These cases are all covered by other Kubernetes monitors:

    • BackOff
    • FailedSync
    • Unhealthy
    • FailedCreatePodSandBox


    To view events for your system using kubectl, use the command  kubectl get events  . This will provide information for the first and last time an event occurred, how many times it has occurred, the affected resources, and a description of the event.  Keep in mind that the kubernetes apiserver only retains events for 1 hour after the last occurrence.