Blue Matador monitors Amazon RDS Events and automatically creates prioritized events so you do not have to. RDS Events are categorized as Alerts, Warnings, or Anomalies based on the event category, affected resource, and event message.

    Amazon RDS generates a lot of events during the normal operation of an RDS instance or cluster. Blue Matador automatically filters out the following RDS events since they are uninteresting, spammy, or duplicated by other RDS events that are collected:

    • Security Group changes
    • Parameter Group changes
    • RDS Snapshot events
    • DB Instance started
    • Serverless cluster paused/resumed
    • DB Instance backup events
    • DB Instance configuration changes


    Blue Matador includes the entire event message collected from Amazon RDS in each event, as well as a link to the AWS Console for the affected DB instance or cluster. Similar events that occur within a few minutes of each other are combined into a single event. In many cases, the RDS event will have sufficient information to debug any issues, including links in the event to AWS Documentation.

    Since RDS provides no way to determine if an event has been resolved or if it is a continuing problem, the events in Blue Matador will automatically resolve after about 15 minutes. Amazon RDS events tend to be chatty, and you will have to do the followup work to make sure your DB instances and clusters are healthy after critical events are detected. Here is a short list of things you should check:

    • DB clients are able to connect and perform queries
    • Replication in DB cluster is working correctly
    • Your DB parameters are correctly set
    • Your DB Instances and clusters are appropriately sized for their workload