Amazon imposes per-region limits on several ELB resources. Blue Matador automatically checks your current usage in each region against the current limit for your account in that region and warns you if you are at or near any limits. This check gives you time to create a support request for a limit increase well ahead of actually needing the additional resources. This can be essential when in a time crunch and provisioning new resources for a product feature, or when debugging production issues.

    The following limits are automatically checked by Blue Matador:

    • Classic and Application Limit: The combined number of Classic and Application ELBs count toward the same limit.
    • Network Limit: The number of Network ELBs is considered separately from Classic and Application.
    • Target Group Limit: The total number of target groups in a region are checked against your account’s limit.


    All of these limits can be raised by contacting AWS support. A response can usually be expected within one business day. Alternatively, you can delete load balancers and target groups until you are back under the limit, allowing you to create more of those resources.