The Azure Recovery Services API reports the replication state of each item that is set up to replicate for the purposes of failover (Site Recovery). Blue Matador automatically looks for unhealthy replication states and notifies you when they occur.


    Replication failures will prevent the successful failover of your system from it’s primary region to a secondary region in the case of outages in the primary region requiring failover.



    The fix to a replication issue depends on the underlying cause of the problem. There are many issues that can cause replication failures, like:

    • Replication causes resource utilization above the allotted quotas
    • Missing root certificates required for authorization of recovery services
    • DNS-related connectivity issues
    • Disks are unavailable for replication

    To troubleshoot the issue:

    • Go to Recovery Services vaults on the Azure Portal
    • Select the vault that is reported to have issues
    • Select Replicated Items
    • Find the items with an unhealthy replication state and click the reported state

    This should take you to a page with more details regarding the error and a recommendation for what to do to resolve it.