When you create an Azure Traffic Manager profile, you configure a health probe that determines the health of your endpoints. Blue Matador automatically detects when your endpoints and profiles are unhealthy so you can stay on top of your Traffic Manager setup.


    Profile Health

    When endpoints are unhealthy, your Traffic Manager profile will enter a “Degraded” state. Blue Matador will automatically detect this situation. When this occurs, take the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

    1. Make sure that your health probe is configured correctly.
    2. Determine which endpoints are in a degraded state by checking the profile’s overview in the Azure portal.
    3. Troubleshoot those endpoints


    Endpoint Health

    If an endpoint is being reported as unhealthy, it means that Traffic Manager’s health probe is not returning the expected result at the configured path. Blue Matador will automatically detect when this happens by watching the ProbeAgentCurrentEndpointStateByProfileResourceId metric. To solve the problem, you’ll want to enable diagnostic logs and look for issues with the health probe path in the endpoint. It can also be helpful to check application logs for the endpoint to look for exceptions. When you find where the error is occuring, correct the issue and deploy a fix.