AWS Elemental MediaConvert is an AWS service that allows you to convert media files into various formats suitable for different devices. This documentation provides detailed guidance on diagnosing potential challenges that may arise with AWS MediaConvert, targeting typical sources of errors, and offering actionable recommendations for resolution.


    How Monitoring Works

    We monitor the following MediaConvert Metrics:

    • aws.mediaconvert.job_failed.count
    • aws.mediaconvert.jobs_completed.count

    Blue Matador's monitoring system is designed to actively identify failed jobs as well as jobs with unusually long Queue Standby Time or Queue Transcoding Time. This continuous monitoring ensures timely detection of issues that may affect transcoding processes, allowing users to take proactive measures to maintain the efficiency and reliability of the service.


    Common Failed Job Errors

    This section addresses typical errors that cause AWS MediaConvert jobs to fail, disrupting media processing workflows and delaying output delivery. Understanding and resolving these errors is crucial for maintaining smooth and efficient media conversion operations.
    Possible Causes

    • IAM Role Permissions Issues
      • Ensure the IAM role associated with MediaConvert has appropriate permissions.
      • Review the role policies and make sure they include necessary actions like mediaconvert:CreateJob and access to the input/output locations.
    • Invalid Input or Output Settings
      • Double-check the paths for input files and output destinations to ensure they are correct and accessible. If using S3, verify your bucket policies.
    • Unsupported Input File Formats
      • Confirm that the input file format is supported by MediaConvert.
      • Refer to the AWS MediaConvert documentation for supported formats.
    • Exceeding Quota or Resource Limits
      • Check your AWS account's service quotas and resource limits.
      • If limits are reached, request an increase via the AWS Management Console.


    Jobs with an unusual Queue Standby Time

    This scenario may indicate inefficiencies in job scheduling or resource allocation within AWS MediaConvert, potentially leading to delays in media processing and workflow disruptions. When jobs experience long Queue Standby Time, they remain in the queue for extended periods before processing begins.

    Possible Causes

    • High Job Queue Volume
      • Monitor the job queue length.
      • If there are many pending jobs, consider spreading out job submissions or scheduling them during off-peak hours.
    • Insufficient Processing Capacity
      • Check the provisioned capacity and consider increasing it.
      • Ensure your MediaConvert setup has enough resources to handle the job load.
    • Service Outages or Maintenance
      • Check the AWS Service Health Dashboard for any ongoing issues with MediaConvert.
      • Plan job submissions around known maintenance windows to avoid delays.


    Jobs with an unusual Transcoding Time

    This situation may suggest inefficiencies in the transcoding process or resource management within AWS MediaConvert, potentially resulting in extended media processing durations and delays in workflow completion. When jobs encounter long Queue Transcoding Time, the actual conversion process takes considerably longer than anticipated.

    Possible Causes

    • Complex Job Configurations
      • Simplify job configurations if possible.
      • Reduce the number of output renditions or avoid advanced features that significantly increase processing time.
    • Large Input Files
      • Large files naturally take longer to process.
      • Consider splitting large files into smaller segments if feasible.
    • Inefficient Encoding Settings
      • Optimize encoding settings for efficiency.
      • Use presets optimized for speed if high quality is not a critical requirement.
    • Resource Constraints
      • Ensure that your MediaConvert jobs have sufficient resources allocated.
      • If needed, adjust the job priority settings to expedite critical jobs.


    By following these troubleshooting steps and regularly monitoring your AWS MediaConvert jobs with Blue Matador, you can effectively manage and optimize media conversion workflows, ensuring successful and timely processing.