The Status of an Amazon EKS cluster can be used to indicate when there is an issue with an EKS cluster. Blue Matador checks the status of your cluster and will notify you if the status is UPDATING, FAILED or DELETING.

    A cluster will be in the UPDATING state while it is being updated to a newer version of Kubernetes. This is a user-initiated process and should complete with 10 to 15 minutes. Once the cluster is finished updating, you must follow the AWS documentation to also update your worker nodes.

    There is very little documentation explaining what a FAILED cluster could mean. Our recommendation is that you open a support ticket with AWS to troubleshoot the issue. If it is a new cluster, you may be able to create a new cluster successfully and use it instead of the failed one.

    A cluster that has a status of DELETING has been triggered for deletion in your AWS account. In most cases, this is expected when moving to a new cluster or if you are cleaning up unused EKS clusters. If you are not expecting the cluster to be deleted you should ask your team if they deleted a cluster. You may also use AWS CloudTrail to investigate what caused the cluster to be deleted.