When Azure Application Gateway routes traffic to your application, you can often expect a consistent stream of requests to your application. Blue Matador watches the TotalRequests metric for the number of requests being made to your application gateway and creates events when this metric is anomalous. A change in request count can be caused by a number of things:

    • A bug in a client making calls to your application gateway
    • Increased error rates resulting in more retries
    • A spike in traffic to your application

    By itself, anomalous request counts are not guaranteed problems. However, it can be useful to know when your application gateway spikes or drops in traffic, especially if it happens in a pattern you were previously unaware of. Knowing about anomalous traffic can also be useful for correlation for other infrastructure issues you’re experiencing.

    If you determine that the difference in bytes processed is significant, enable and check access logs for your application gateway. This can help you find which endpoints are being called with an unexpected frequency.