Azure Storage Account is comprised of several services for the storage of data in the cloud. These services have their own APIs, and Azure tracks the availability of these APIs in the Availability metric for the Blob, File, Queue, and Table services. Blue Matador automatically monitors the availability of these APIs and alerts you when Availability falls below 100%.



    The Availability metric measures how many requests to the various storage account service APIs were successful. This metric is expected to be essentially 100% all of the time since these APIs are usually in the critical path of your application’s data storage and retrieval, but intermittent errors may occur. Increased API error rates may result in retries to the APIs from your application, or in data loss if retries are not implemented.



    There is not much you can do to increase the availability of the Storage Account APIs. Check the Azure Status page for any incidents related to Storage Accounts. If service is only impacted in one region, and you have the ability to failover your Storage Account to another region, consider going through the failover process so your requests go to the secondary location until the issue is resolved. Open up a support ticket with Azure Support to document the issue and get it resolved ASAP.