Azure Storage Accounts store data in a specified region of the Azure cloud. Blue Matador automatically monitors the status of the region(s) that your data is stored in and alerts you when a primary or secondary region becomes unavailable. Blue Matador also creates an event when a failover occurs so that the impact of a failover can be tracked.

    If your primary region becomes unavailable, storage account requests will fail. If your storage account has been configured with geo-redundancy, you should fail over when the primary region is unavailable. This will set the secondary region as the primary region and requests will begin to go through it. Check the Azure Status page for information related to the outage and open up a support ticket. Once the outage is over, you can choose to failover back to the original primary location if you would like to for performance reasons.

    If your storage account is not configured with geo-redundancy, consider configuring this option.