Status Checks are the automatic health checks EC2 runs every minute on your instances. They detect instance configuration as well as underlying hardware issues.

    System Status Checks

    System status checks monitor the AWS hardware and systems that EC2 instances run on. A failing system status check will typically require intervention from AWS to be fixed. AWS recommends contacting support if a system status check is failing for more than 20 minutes. If the instance is backed by an EBS volume, you can stop and start the instance yourself to move it onto a different physical host.


    Instance Status Checks

    Instance status checks indicate a problem with instance configuration or software. Common causes of a failed instance status check include:

    • Incorrect networking or startup configuration
    • Exhausted memory
    • Corrupted file system
    • Incompatible kernel

    To resolve a failing status check, you will have to resolve the problem yourself by fixing the software on the instance, or rebooting the instance.