AWS Batch is a fully managed service provided by AWS for running batch computing workloads. It enables developers to easily run batch jobs of any scale without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

    Within this documentation, we aim to equip you with a comprehensive set of troubleshooting strategies tailored to address prevalent challenges encountered during the management of AWS Batch jobs.


    How Monitoring Works

    We continuously analyze the status and execution of failed batch jobs, promptly identifying any anomalies or deviations from expected behavior. With this proactive approach to monitoring, we provide users with invaluable insights into the health and performance of their batch computing workloads, enabling them to swiftly intervene and address issues before they escalate into critical failures.


    Job Failures

    When it comes to AWS Batch jobs, several factors could lead to job failures. Here are some common causes:

    Possible Solutions

    • Misconfiguration of job definition parameters.
      • Review the job definition and ensure that all required parameters are correctly configured.
    • Docker image is not accessible or is improperly configured.
      • Verify that the Docker image specified in the job definition is accessible from the computing environment.
      • Ensure that the Docker image is properly configured with the necessary dependencies and environment variables.
    • Permission issues.
      • Check the IAM roles and policies associated with the batch job and ensure that the necessary permissions are granted to access AWS resources.
    • Incorrect input data.
      • If the input data provided to the job is incorrect or malformed, it could cause the job to fail during processing.
    • Programming errors.
      • Bugs or logic errors in the job's code can lead to unexpected behavior and ultimately job failure.
    • Timeouts.
      • If the job takes longer to execute than the configured timeout period, it may be terminated prematurely, resulting in a failure.