When enhanced health reporting for Amazon Elastic Beanstalk is enabled, Blue Matador monitors the health status of your Beanstalk environments automatically.


    When your environment is in the Warning (Yellow) or Degraded (Red) state, Blue Matador will create a warning to make you aware of the situation.

    A Warning status indicates that there are some errors being reported by the application, but it is still likely functional.  This can be caused by an update or other operation taking too long on an instance, or an instance having a Severe status. Elastic Beanstalk will create events that will correspond with this status and provide additional details.

    A Degraded can mean that there are a high number of request failures or that the application is running below capacity.  A very common cause for the Degraded status is if the application is currently scaling up and waiting for additional instances to launch to meet demand. The corresponding events created by Elastic Beanstalk will provide additional details.



    When your environment is in the Severe (Red) or Suspended (Grey) state, Blue Matador creates an alert so that immediate action can be taken.

    A Severe status will usually have an impact on consumers of your application. Some issues that can cause a severe status include:

    • Load balancer unable to get instance health
    • Elastic Beanstalk unable to assume IAM roles
    • Very high request failure rate in your application
    • Improperly defined health checks

    A Suspended status means that Elastic Beanstalk is no longer monitoring the environment’s health. It is possible that requests to the application still succeed, but the environment may be unable to scale. View the events created by Elastic Beanstalk to get a history of how the environment got to the Suspended state. Some possible causes for a Suspended status include:

    • The service role used by Elastic Beanstalk cannot be accessed
    • Critical resources for the environment, such as an AutoScaling Group, have been deleted
    • Some causes of Severe issues will cause the environment to become Suspended if left unsolved for a long time



    A Pending (Grey) status means the environment is still bootstrapping. Blue Matador will only warn on a Pending status when the bootstrapping process appears to be stuck for a significant amount of time. The events created by Elastic Beanstalk can help you find out which resources failed.

    A very common cause for this issue is if you have reached one of the limits on number of load balancers, instances, security groups, or any other AWS-imposed resource limitation. You can request a limit increase with AWS support once you have identified which resource is being limited.