Each azure search service can be in one of the following states:

    • Running: The search service is running and no provisioning operations are underway. 
    • Provisioning: The search service is being provisioned or scaled up or down.
    • Deleting: The search service is being deleted. 
    • Degraded: The search service is degraded. This can occur when the underlying search units are not healthy. The search service is most likely operational, but performance might be slow and some requests might be dropped. 
    • Disabled: The search service is disabled. In this state, the service will reject all API requests. 
    • Error: The search service is in an error state. 

    If your service is in the degraded, disabled, or error states, it means the Azure Search team is actively investigating the underlying issue. Dedicated services in these states are still chargeable based on the number of search units provisioned.

    Blue Matador automatically monitors the status of each service and creates events whenever a service is in the “Degraded”, “Error”, or “Disabled” status.


    The “Error” and “Disabled” statuses mean that that search service is completely unavailable to search clients. The “Degraded” state means the service is available, but with some performance issues, like higher latencies and/or dropped requests.



    The “Degraded”, “Error”, and “Disabled” statuses typically signify something wrong that the Azure Search team has to fix. You can watch for updates at and you can open a support ticket ( You can also try to move the workload to other Azure Search services if that’s possible.