Disks attached to VMs on Azure have maximum number of IOPS (input/output operations per second) that depends on the type and size of the disk. Blue Matador automatically watches the current IOPS for each disk and creates events when the number approaches the limit.


    When the number of disk IOPS goes above the maximum IOPS for the disk type and size, disk operations will start to get throttled.You may also see adverse effects on the performance of any code running on the VM that is sensitive to disk IO latency.



    If the maximum disk IOPS is simply insufficient for the workload, you can increase the maximum by:

    • Increasing the disk size. Higher disk sizes generally come with higher max IOPS.
    • Upgrade to a higher tier disk type. You can choose between:
      • Standard HDD (lowest performance)
      • Standard SDD
      • Premium SDD
      • Ultra Disk (highest performance)

    Or you can try to adjust the workload to do fewer disk operations.