Microsoft Azure Recovery Services provide facilities to back up the following azure resources:

    • Azure Virtual Machines
    • Azure SQL Databases
    • Azure File Share (Azure Storage)

    The actual backups for these resources and the policies defining the backup policies associated with them are housed in a Recovery Services Vault. You can create multiple vaults and populate each one with the resources you would like to back up.

    Blue Matador automatically monitors the backup protection state for each item (resource) in a Recovery Services Vault, and creates alerts whenever an item in a Recovery Vault becomes “unprotected” because of failed backup jobs or other issues with the backup service.


    The protection states of “ProtectionFailed” or “ProtectionError” on items on a Recovery Services Vault mean that a backup job has failed and the most recent backup might not be available to restore the resource item in case of failure.



    The fix to a failing backup job depends on the reason for the failure. To see a list of recent backup jobs go to Azure Portal page for Recovery Services > Vaults and click your Vault. Then click “Backup Jobs” and look for any recent failed jobs. You can also try click “Diagnose and solve problems” on the overview page for the Vault and follow the instructions.