Blue Matador’s agent (installed on your servers) maintains an active, open TCP connection over port 443 with our servers in the cloud. When the agent fails to respond to multiple successive heartbeats, the associated server is considered unresponsive.

    Servers in auto-scaling groups are exempted from this recommendation as they automatically and regularly launch and terminate servers.



    The root cause of the unresponsiveness could be:

    • Blue Matador’s agent was intentionally stopped
    • The server is taking a long time to restart
    • The server has been shut down
    • The server is overloaded
    • The kernel crashed
    • Firewall rules or network ACLs were changed
    • Network connectivity was severed

    You can be sure that unless this server was shut down intentionally, your application and users will suffer.


    Quick Fix

    Restart the  bluematador-agent  service. If you’re unable to log into the affected server, restart the server.


    Thorough Fix

    Compare server vitals against deployments, configuration changes, infrastructure changes, user logins, and automated remediation. For every inflection point, identify the root cause. If one seems out of place, investigate and remedy as appropriate.